2019 Acura MDX Prices, Reviews, and Pictures


This year’s Acura MDX isn’t the typical three-row crossover. Not only does it manage extremely efficiently for its size, but it’s offered with a hybrid motor that is derived from Acura’s NSX supercar. Although the configuration that’s used here isn’t as extravagant but its performance and driveability are higher than the standard version of 290 horsepower V-6 that comes with torque-vectoring all-wheel drive. The MDX is a faulty infotainment system, and a dull interior. These are two major factors which make it far less impressive than many rivals. Beyond that it is also notable that the Acura offers a wide range of basic features and is as one of the best options in the class.

What’s New for 2019?

The 2019 MDX gets a few changes that include a brand new look package, upgraded interior materials, and a variety of improvements to performance. The nonhybrid MDX comes with adaptive dampers. The nine-speed automatic has been improved to provide better acceleration and the engine has an upgraded start/stop system, now available as a standard feature. Acura also offers the sporty A-Spec option available on models powered by gas with all-wheel drive. It comes with exclusive exterior accessories like dark trim and a wider rim with low-profile tires. Inside, the exclusive interior design features faux suede inserts, as well as special gauges and a steering wheel. The Advance package includes a brand wheel set that is 20 inches in diameter that have more rubber. Each version comes with different exterior colors as well as an wood treatment for the interior.

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Acura MDX Pricing and Which One to Buy

Faster, more powerful faster, more powerful and efficient than standard model The MDX Sport Hybrid is our preference; it’s available and comes with it’s Technology package. The standard features include blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic warning, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and navigation, as well as all-wheel drive that includes torque vectoring as well as heated leather front seats. If you’re not interested in hybrid technology or a gasoline-powered MDX with its readily available Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system (also known as SHAWD) is also a great option.

Engine, Transmission, Performance, and Towing

The 290-hp V-6 engine that powers the MDX is typical of engines used in three-row crossovers and is a reliable engine for this kind of application. The nine-speed is generally easy and slick, but it’s not the fastest to lowershift when you need speed. It comes with front wheel drive as standard but we’ve only test MDXs with Acura’s extremely capable all-wheel drive system. The four-wheel drive system has all of its wheels ploughing the road for grip The MDX can accelerate from 0 at 60mph to zero in just six seconds. This is an impressive performance for any car, and especially remarkable for one that has the capacity to hold seven people. The hybrid MDX is even faster in our test from zero to 60 mph at 5.7 seconds. The paddle shifters that manage the automatic seven-speed transmission confirms it is the MDX Sport Hybrid is aiming to be a contender for the title of middle. The shifts from the gas engine to electric motors are smooth. Although the gasoline version is able to pull up to 5000 lbs, Acura does not recommend towing using the hybrid model as it reduces the value of the praise we have received.

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The MDX is enjoyable to drive. Acura’s all-wheel-drive system allows to make it more agile and a lot more fun on the road as we’d expect a 3-row crossover. The hybrid’s all-wheel-drive system depends on two motors with electric motors to provide power to both rear wheels. As you accelerate the motors each power only one wheel. When you are doing a lot of cornering when the motor that is paired with the wheel on the outside can increase speed a little while the other reduces its wheel speed, helping to move the vehicle. Both models lose some of their advantages over the other models in stopping. The hybrid stopped at just 188 feet, the exact similar distance of the regular MDX however we noticed an increase in braking power following several hard stops.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

The MDX is equipped with EPA fuel efficiency ratings that are comparable to the ones of competitors However, it exceeded expectations–as did its competitors–in our actual-world highway fuel economy test. The regular all-wheel-drive MDX got 28 mpg which makes its the most fuel-efficient model of the models that we evaluated. The hybrid MDX is 244 pounds heavier and not able to make maximum use of battery’s capacity at highway speeds, earned an unimpressive 25 mpg during the test. The hybrid model has a substantial improvement in the city’s fuel efficiency.

Interior, Infotainment, and Cargo

The MDX offers a plethora of standard features, but Acura’s interior materials aren’t like they’re as luxurious or well created as those in it’s sibling, the Audi Q7 or the Volvo XC90. The electronic shifter that is now a push button located on the center console isn’t as intuitive than the mechanical shifter it replaced. Different competitors in this class have more legroom in every row than MDX. Second row passengers will appreciate the bench seat’s ability to recline and slide back however, it’s not a great experience for those who sit in the third row, which is cramped.

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The Acura infotainment system is evidently a spiritual heir to the one found that are found in Hondas and the two-screen display is just as useless this time around as it was in the past. Numerous power points as well as the wide-screen entertainment system compensate some of the burden of having to pay for an unintentionally low-end system.

There’s less room in the MDX’s cargo compartment than the two most intriguing rivals which are the XC90 and the Q7 however, the MDX did well in our storage tests in the real world despite its paper-based shortfall. Buyers who are interested in hybrids will be pleased to learn that thanks to clever packaging that uses mechanical technology the MDX hybrid is able to carry the same capacity for cargo as an unhybrid MDX.

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