2022 Toyota Tacoma Prices, Reviews, and Pictures


Its 2022 Toyota Tacoma is terrific for jobs and ideal for off-roading, however its interior is small and its the way of driving are less refined than the majority of mid-size pickups. Although it’s the only model that has the manual transmission, its ineffective four-cylinder engine and 270 horsepower V-6 provide minimal performance. A 6-speed automatic is available, however it’s not particularly sophisticated. It’s at least that the Tacoma is supported by Toyota’s long-standing reliability and its off-road-optimized models are incredibly efficient. It excels in the mud and the trails, thanks to a flexible suspension and robust equipment that preserves its standing alongside legends like those of Jeep Wrangler and now its counterpart in the pickup market that is the Gladiator. Its Tacoma of 2022 Tacoma isn’t as flexible as the Jeeps and isn’t as responsive than the Chevy Colorado or GMC Canyon however, the Taco is sturdy and comes with standard technology for driver assistance.

What’s New for 2022?

The lifted Tacoma models will be pushed even more for the 2020 model year. For the 2022 model year, TRD Pro and Trail Edition are both a half- Trail Edition and TRD Pro both are now a half inch higher in the rear as well as 1.1 as well as 1.5 inches higher, respectively, in the to the front. The extra height allows the trucks better approaches breakover, departure, and approach angles, making navigating rough terrain much easier than previously. Its TRD Pro adds a wild-looking and exclusive Electric Lime paint color, also, and Trail Edition models Trail Edition can now be coated with Lunar Rock (previously limited to TRD Pro models). The most striking of this Trail Edition’s aesthetic changes are bronze 16-inch rims , as and bronze letters in the grille. This TRD Pro is now further distinct by its embossed “TRD Pro” logo on its rear bedside as well as new graphics on the hood.

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Pricing and Which One to Buy

Toyota hasn’t announced pricing in 2022 for its Tacoma yet, but it’s likely to be made available prior to the truck’s sale date towards the end of the summer. We’re expecting to see a slight rise in the price the trims will be, we still suggest for the TRD Off-Road crew cabin (a.k.a. Double Cab). It’s equipped featuring an electronic lock rear differential and we’d recommend the option of four-wheel drive. We’d prefer to skip the four-cylinder engine and instead upgrade to the stronger V-6 model. If choosing an automatic transmission will leave you some options however, we would rather shift gears manually and stay clear of the auto’s unsteady actions. The choice we make is limited to the smaller 5.0-foot cargo boxbecause — for any reason, the manual won’t work with Tacos that have a 6.0-foot bed. Also, the Premium options aren’t available in our choice of transmission. However, all models come with 16-inch wheels, black fenders as well as numerous driver aids, as well as an infotainment and entertainment system that supports Apple CarPlay, Android Auto as well as a subscription-based WiFi hotspot. We’d also recommend choosing the Technology package, which comes with options that include new front lighting that is equipped with LED elements, as along with blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alerts as well as parking sensors.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The optional V-6 engine in the Tacoma offers decent towing performance and muscle however the four-cylinder base engine is not as powerful and should be avoided. We also recommend to stay clear of the six-speed automatic transmission that comes with either engine. Use the manual with six speeds as well as the V-6. The automatic is anchored by the larger engine struggles sometimes. There are times when the TRD Sport and the Limited models are targeted at urban driving, while those with the TRD Off-Road as well as the TRD Pro models are designed to take rougher routes. But, none of these models is especially rapid. Although not the best choice in terms of performance and handling The Tacoma can handle the dirt roads or back roads effortlessly. It is equipped to maximize the possibility of dirt-treading or pavement cruising. The Limited offers a smooth and comfortable ride that is more comfortable and quieter than off-road models. We’ve tested this Tacoma TRD Pro out west and noticed its higher suspension, hefty shock absorbers and gritty tires made it one the top off-road vehicles however it isn’t as enjoyable for daily driving.

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Towing and Payload Capacity

The Tacoma can pull up to 6800 lbs when driven by rear wheels; four-wheel-drive models can tow 6500 pounds. The Tacoma’s maximum payload of 1685 pounds capacity is available only on two-wheel drive models equipped with the V-6 engine. Going with four-wheel drive or the V-6 engine gives less power.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

The V-6 Tacoma’s fuel economy rated by the EPA is in the middle of range, but when we test it on the road it is not as efficient as more efficient rivals. While the manual transmission of the V-6 is the most efficient in terms of efficiency, it’s more enjoyable to drive. In our tests of fuel efficiency in real life the Tacoma was able to match the EPA estimates of 23 miles per gallon on the highway. This was still five mpg lower than the Honda Ridgeline and the diesel GMC Canyon. For more information on the fuel efficiency of the Tacoma go to the EPA’s website.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

Staying true to your roots is admirable However, it’s not working for the cabin in Tacoma. The utilitarian design and materials come from an earlier era. The higher trim levels depend heavily on the hard plastics and minimalist materials. But the Tacoma finally has an adjustable driver’s seat. But, cramped interiors are an integral part of the Tacoma. The rear seat of the crew cab is where the passengers of the Tacoma will be forced to squeeze in, since the legroom is extremely small. The Tacoma is spacious enough to accommodate space in its five-foot or 6-foot bed, however it isn’t ideal for storage with only a few compartments and only a small amount of space to carry your luggage inside. The storage capacity is limited inside the Tacoma and the cab for the crew we test was only capable of holding nine carry-ons inside the back of the seat. In addition to the console bin in the center There aren’t many practical storage cubbies or bins.

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Infotainment and Connectivity

We’ll give Toyota the benefit of the doubt for incorporating touchscreens into every Tacoma. The base model comes with the 7.0-inch display, while all other trim levels feature an 8.0-inch screen. The company has also introduced Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, which could make the experience more enjoyable for users compared to the previous infotainment platform. Although a variety of USB ports as well as wireless charging feature are available however, the Tacoma does not have an internet hotspot for mobile devices like other competitors.

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